Anti Aging Foods – Healthy Food That Will Benefit Your Skin

Did you know that anti-aging topical creams only make up part of your skin-care regime? The other half of the magical formula involves treating your skin from the inside through the consumption of certain healthy foods.

Our skin reflects our general health, so it is common sense that the healthy foods we eat will be beneficial to our complexion as well. Healthy skin is made up of several different colors which are red, brown, yellow and orange.

These colors give us a clue as to which food types we need to maintain that healthy glow. For instance, the red color in our skin comes from hemoglobin in our blood and the orange and yellow shades come from the carotenoids in the subcutaneous fats, that lie under our skin. The carotenoids are orange, yellow and red fat-soluble antioxidants which offer protection to our skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Betacarotene is an ingredient that is crucial for the healthiness of our skin. It has the ability to convert into vitamin A which which our skin, hair and eyes to remain healthy. It also contains high concentrations of carotenoids. You will find betacarotene in foods that you’re already familiar with such as carrots, pumpkin apricots, mangoes and also oranges. Although most of these foods share the same shades of color, you will also find other anti-aging foods like spinach to contain betacarotene.

Research has also discovered that the “Dunaliella salina” marine plankton found in the ocean contain high concentrations of betacarotene. Dunaliella salina is available in many good health food shops and is offered organically as a health food supplement. Taking just a few grams of it a day can provide you with a good source of vitamin A as well as sun protection.

Other studies have also found that dark chocolate has the ability to help promote a healthy glow to our skin as well as keeping it well-hydrated (which is extremely important for a youthful appearance). Long-term consumption of dark chocolate has resulted in smoother, more elastic skin qualities due to the chocolate increasing the blood flow to our skin and providing it with the much needed hydration.

Although dark chocolate is one of the more powerful anti-aging foods available, be sure to buy only chocolates with as little added sugar as possible to maintain an overall healthy diet.