Are Commercial Dog Foods Healthy?

To feed your dog commercial dog foods as their foundation meal will cut their lives short with weak immune systems, diseases or death from failed organs. We want our pets to be healthy. Do you agree? Our dogs give us unconditional love, devotion and loyalty. Our pets like us have to stay healthy in order to ward off negative effects of bad food, preservatives, and chemicals. We cannot escape. There are warnings on just about every product that we have in and around our homes and gardens.

Are commercial dog foods healthy? To feed your dog commercial foods as their foundation meal will cut their lives short with weak immune systems, diseases or death from failed organs.

We are hearing on our news reports how our children are eating too much junk foods and getting diseases that we associate in adults at an earlier age. As a nation we are concerned because of the financial burden on our health system and insurance costs. Diabetes and heart and circulation diseases are long term and so easily prevented or corrected with healthy wholesome foods.

Our pets are no different. Read the labels on packages, canned, frozen, and dehydrated foods. As a general rule the first item listed on the container is the greatest quantity followed by other ingredients being lesser.


  • Beef
  • Corn
  • Barley
  • Rice

By definition this product has more beef than corn, more corn than barley and more barley than rice.

Then you consider:

  • Who is the food manufacturer?
  • Are you able to trust the brand name?
  • Is it real beef?
  • Is your dog allergic to any of the grains listed?
  • Is the price an indictor as to the amount or quality of the beef?
  • Are the vitamins and minerals of good quality?
  • Is the oil content correct?
  • How fresh is this product?

Are you aware most dry commercial foods have a shelf life of twelve to eighteen months? Oils turn rancid. Fresh foods spoil much quicker. Sometimes your pet can let you know by not eating its food because of taste or something else. My dog is allergic to rice bran. Brown rice may be excellent, but the allergy remains. You need to be alert and become a detective to analyze if a food ingredient, chemical or preservative is not tolerated by your pet.

Remember melamine, the wheat gluten, which originated from China and poisoned many of our pets through dog food? Thousands of pets had died. It is because of this poisoning that my of us have turned to preparing our own dog food. Our pet is our child. We love our pets and how dare companies that make commercial foods be careless and not be caring just to make a buck; had to express a bit of anger. Fortunately, there are some commercial dog food manufacturers that are improving on their ingredients and their preparation.

We also need to admit that we like the convenience of purchasing ready made dog food and we like the price. Unfortunately, when your dog gets sick from poor nutrition it gets costly. We too are guilty. We need to know what makes a well-balanced meal for our pet. We need to educate ourselves on healthy and safe foods for our pets.