Food and Nutrition – Keeping Your Food Healthy

Millions of people are doing their best to make wiser food and nutrition decisions. We’ve reached a point where it’s becoming common for people to consider nutrition in their meal planning and to make their overall health and well-being top priorities. People are shopping differently. They’re spending more time in the produce aisles. They’re reaching for leaner cuts of meat. Their doing their best to make smarter decisions.

Unfortunately, poor decisions often intervene between the supermarket cash register and the dinner table. The best ingredients in the world can have their nutritional value completely undermined due to poor preparation. People are beginning to understand that food and nutrition matter, but they’re not quite there yet when it comes to serving up the healthiest possible meals.

A green vegetable salad sounds like a healthy way to start a meal. It’s a nutritionist’s dream. Too many people, however, manage to completely ruin a great opportunity to get their meal off to a healthy start. Between the mound of grated cheese, the overdose of fatty salad dressing and a few fistfuls of croutons that started out as white bread, what should be great turns out to be the kind of thing that keeps cardiologists busy!

Anyone with an appreciation for food and nutrition would welcome seeing people dine on broccoli. When that fresh head of broccoli is steamed until limp, however, it loses a great deal of its nutritional value. When its topped with melted butter to make it more palatable for a family’s picky eaters, it’s healthiness declines even more.

It’s great to reach for turkey or chicken instead of a fatty cut of red meat. Those chicken breasts are a great way to improve one’s diet. Well, they would be a positive development if they weren’t dipped in eggs, rolled in white flour and fried in three inches of corn oil. Once prepared this way, they are anything but the picture of health. In fact, you’d be better off eating just about anything else. Never underestimate our ability to transform a perfectly healthy food item into an obesity grenade!

We’re making great strides in terms of food and nutrition. A few years ago, the salad wouldn’t have made the table. We’d have mashed potatoes and gravy instead. The broccoli would’ve been buttered corn. Instead of chicken, we’d be eating gristle-laden chicken fried steak. We are doing better.

But there’s a lot of room for improvement. It’s time for all of those who have made the first step toward a healthier diet to take the next step. We’re buying the right things. It’s now time to bring our knowledge of food and nutrition to the actual preparation of those items.