Is Dog Food Healthy? The Facts Are Disturbing

If you are anything like me, and you are not only a pet owner but a pet lover, you will be more than interested in finding out the best way to take care of your pet and to help them to live long and healthy lives. This would include the types of food that you would feed your pet. But really, is dog food healthy?

Since there are so many choices out there as far as the types and name brands of dog food that we can fee to our pets there is obviously a lot of confusion about which dog food you should feed them, and if they are truly healthy. A lot of time and money is spent by the dog food companies to insure that you purchase their brand before you purchase the competing brand. The problem is that the regulations that govern what can go into dog food, and what can be printed on the package are very lenient.

Most dog foods that are on the shelves are marked as being chemical free, or perhaps no chemicals added, let me tell you what this means. The dog food companies can legally mark their packaging chemical free if the product that comes into their factory does not have chemicals added to it after it enters the factory. The problem is that they purchase product that is already full of chemicals and is hormone ingested. Not only that but part of the product usually includes such things as road killed animals and diseased carcases and the bodies of euthanized animals that are picked up at the pounds. So I ask you, Is dog food healthy?