Super Food Healthy Breakfast – Jump Start the Day For Pennies

How do we feed a family of 4-6 these days? There is no excuse for letting anyone out of the house to start the day without getting a Super Food healthy breakfast. More so if you are on a tight budget or you’re on Food Stamps!

It’s imperative that we start the day with all engines revved up for the big guys, our active teenagers and the little ones. Imagine if you turned on your engine and didn’t have any gasoline in your gas tank…

Most nutritionists agree that this is actually the most important meal of the day. This is also very stressful on everyone due to time constraints. You want to get this done quickly while showering or dressing and be ready to fly out of the door in record time.

Initially, when I started to serve up this breakfast, I got some smug negative sour faces from my athlete hubby and my grandchildren. Even my 98 year old mother was squawking. Don’t give up! Keep dishing it out! Be creative by supplementing this healthy breakfast with some attractive condiments. They love it now and ask for more! I’ll explain later.

Many of the sugared cereals on the market have been robbed of nutrition due to food processing, added preservatives. They are actually very expensive for the average family. Some cereal boxes cost $5.00 to $7.00 per box. You can finish off this box in a few days. That’s outrageous!

Ideally, if you can get an annual membership with Costco or BJ’s Wholesale in your area, you’ll attain huge savings. The key is to shop and save at these stores by purchasing only necessities in bulk. I know it’s tempting to get carried away and spend a couple of hundred dollars without much effort. So, always make a list before you go!

Here is what I usually do. Whenever I have time during the month, I’ll prepare breakfast for the whole month in advance. With this simple preparation, I’ll have most of the work done. It will take only several minutes in the morning to have a delicious piping hot; heart healthy, nutritious Super Foods breakfast on the table.

Here is what you need and how to do it…

Grab a Ziploc or any plastic gallon sized bag.

Fill the bag 3/4 full with old fashioned Oatmeal. I consider it a Super Food! It helps to lower the bad LDL cholesterol and controls weight gain due to the soluble fiber in oats.

Add liberally 1 cup or more of whole ground preservative free Flaxseed or Wheat Bran. This Super Food is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins & Omega-3 fats. Helps us achieve and maintain an optimal body weight, prevent or control diabetes and reduce blood pressure. Most health food stores carry it. (Also Trader Joe’s)

Add a 1 cup or more of ground Cinnamon (Super food!) Enhances metabolism of glucose and cholesterol! May help to reduce appetite, hasten weight loss and control and (or) prevent Diabetes. Add a cup or more of dried blueberries (Super Food!) preferably without sugar. You may wish to add strawberries and (or) cranberries for variety. Blueberries are rich in polyphenol antioxidants; substances that reduce inflammation and prevent diseases. (Trader Joe’s has a good selection)

Seal bag and…

Shake, shake, shake and you are ready to store this mixture in your refrigerator or a cool place.

In the morning, scoop out from your Ziploc bag 1 cup of mixture(1/4 cup per person); put it in a micro safe 1 1/2 quart bowl, add some ripe sliced fresh fruit in season (banana, peach, apple, purple grapes or berries for texture & additional nutrients.)

Add about 2 1/2 cups of water depending on what fruit you included; mix it well and microwave 6-8 minutes. While you’re finishing dressing, you’ll have enough delicious cereal for 4-6 servings. Serve it in small bowls and let everyone improvise toppings.

Optional condiments for each serving; sprinkle a bit with organic brown sugar or dark honey. Buckwheat honey (Super Food) has more flavonoids and may help to lower total cholesterol levels. If you wish, add any fresh berries. For a smoother texture, pour a tad of milk to cool it. My big guy uses chocolate milk. You are ready to enjoy a Super Food healthy breakfast!