When Is Health Food Healthy?

When is health food healthy? The answer to that is most certainly when it has not been said by a food processing company because what they really mean is that you buying and eating their product is healthy for their profit margins. It rarely means that the product is healthy for you and often it is a highly processed food group that has had massive extra quantities of fats and sugar added together with chemical taste-enhancers to make sure you enjoy the taste and become a regular buyer of whatever it is. The marketing spin of the food corporations has reached such a saturation point of misrepresentation that it makes the false promises of politicians look like choir boys spreading the gospel.

The political lobbying efforts of the food corporations have dealt with the code of practice that requires package-labeling to be reduced to meaningless numbers for all the chemicals they have pumped into that health-food bar – just as the advertised pictures of hamburgers and chicken bear no resemblance to the food you actually get when you buy it. Yet when they have been sued in court for false and misleading advertising, the courts were persuaded by clever lawyers that the false advertising was poetic license and acceptable. That will never make sense to me – other than the fact that big business controls the government and law makers, all in the name of the dollar and bottom line profits.

We have every reason to be suspicious of big business, and this is most certainly true when it comes down to our food processing multi-nationals as they have shown no remorse or signs of changing to be ethical when it comes to the constantly growing ways they pump chemicals, preservatives, colorings, and taste-enhancers into our food stuffs. They have no regard for how these fat and sugar enriched foods have damaged the average testosterone levels in men today.